Your home is an investment. An investment that deserves careful monitoring and upkeep. On any given day, we’re continually running water throughout the home and typically unaware of small leaks. Most leaks are simple trickles and do not pose a major threat to your home. However, a constant and continual trickle has dramatic negative effects if left unaddressed. Unfortunately, we usually find out about these “trickles” after it’s too late!

Leak-Free Homes!

Ensure your home is leak-free and constantly monitored and managed with the easy to install/use Flo Device and Application. The device itself is incredibly easy to install to any home’s main water line. Once installed, the device integrates into an easy to use application for your Smart Phone. You’ll receive instant alerts of any detected leak, with the additional ability to switch off the water line at that moment. If there’s ever a line-break or a significant leak, the device will automatically shut your water line off to avoid flooding and water damage.

In addition to the Automatic Shutoff, a leak detection alert will be sent to the Flo App’s solutions team. From there, the solutions team will look into the cause and ensure another break doesn’t occur.

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It’s time to start saving money and guarantee peace of mind. Installing the Flo App also allows for a deductible reimbursement guarantee, along with an extended warranty on the actual device when adding the Home Protection Plan for $5 a month. If you have Homeowner’s Insurance through any of the following providers, you may be eligible for a rebate or discount.

– Farmers Insurance
– Liberty Mutual Insurance
– American Family Insurance
– CHUBB Limited
– Mercury Insurance

– Nationwide Private Client
– Progressive Insurance
– Amica Insurance
– PURE Insurance
– Travelers Insurance

The Flo Device and App have reported saving 1,089,972 gallons of water!